Megan Murray

Megan Murray is a pioneering Collaboration and Social Business leader. Her work spans the perspectives of social practitioner, technology provider and consultant. She is a Senior Strategist with Social Edge Consulting. Her work to develop a methodology in support of the introduction of social software, as well as meaningful analytics to gauge network health and opportunity, has supported numerous customers around the world. Megan is passionate about the future of work and helping organizations adapt to changing relationships with employees, customers and communities.

Euan Semple

Ten years ago, while working in a senior position at the BBC, Euan was one of the first to introduce what have since become known as social media tools into a large, successful organisation. He has subsequently had six years of unparalleled experience working with organisations such as Nokia, The World Bank and NATO This world is changing fast, but he makes sense of it because he understands that the core basics remain the same: community, learning, interaction. He is a story-teller who offers a host of practical tales about how this new world can work for real people in the real world.